Cause it's almost Valentine's Day...

Hey~! Bela's here~! ^^
How you're doing?

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day~! Are you excited about it?
Yes? Good for you~!
No? Join the Forever Alone with Teddy Bear Club!

But now, putting aside the jokes, don't be sad about it! 14th February is just a day where couples get an excuse to be together and do somenthing special that they could have done all year but didn't because being lazy is trending! (or maybe not)  So, no need to be desperate to find a boyfriend/girlfriend until that day!

Also, for those who are in love, I challenge you to confess! Keeping it for yourself is not good, it's frustrating. Even if the person you confess to doesn't feel the same, at least you were able to let it out and move one. If it's a mutual feeling, well... there you go!

For those who are not in love (or in love with an idol/singer/famous dude who doesn't know you), just live your day to the fullest and make chocolates for yourself~! It's a win win situation! See?

For me, it's go back to school day and English test day! Back to PE day, exercise after one week doing nothing! One hour to lunch and classes 'till 6pm! YEY! Also known as a normal work day. ^^

Well... Happy Valentine's Day for people in love and Happy Day for people in general~! :3

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