My Best Quotes

- "My path is different, so I'll be different too."

- "I believe in you, but don't hide things from me, because like that, I won't trust you anymore."

- "Don't trust those who are too nice for you"

- "Life's not about what happens, it's about how you react to what happens."

- "Don't be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so"

- "Don't complain about the current status of the world, think about what you can change in yourself to make this world better than it is."

- "Being single is showing how strong you are waiting for the right person." 

- "I'm always distracting my mind with other things to forget about you for a moment, but your picture flashes in my eyes without a notice, a warning... nothing. Is it love?"

- "I'm always seen as the unreachable girl."

- "I hate people who can't put their feet on the ground. Rich is the one who feels satisfied with little."

- "There's no happy ending, happy endings are an illusion of everyone who dreams about a perfect life. That's why the books and the movies finish with "THE END" never "THE HAPPY ENDING" even movies and fairy tales know the reality."

- "I'm not abnormal, the only problem is that people's mind have become easier to manipulate and now there is a pattern for everyone. Everyone follows the pattern and the ones who stay faithful to themselves are considered abnormal.
I'm not abnormal, I'm original."

- "We all have a part of us, that wants to scream on the middle of the crowd, wants to scream when angry and wants to cry when it hurts."

- "Sometimes, putting your earphones playing the music and turning off the world is not the best decision. It may make you lose the chance to talk with someone who is worth it."

- "We need to trust to fly for a while."

- "Yes, I am crazy. So what? I prefer being crazy while I'm young instead of being crazy and look ridiculous when I get old."