*About the Blog*

Why did you start your blog?
- Hm... at first it was just for fun. So I didn't have much to write about. After a while it was because I wanted to share some stuff about my life that are pretty damn insteresting ahaha. It's like a notebook where I write everything I feel like.

Where do you get inspiration?
- From everywhere!!! ^^ I like to port about my day, school, friends, sky, kpop, etc. There is always something fun to say.

Why do you like South Korea and Japan so much?
- Japan is one of my countries, big part of my family is from there, it's on my blood! x) ... I like S.Korea because I watched some korean dramas and I thought they were kind of interesting until i started liking it for serious.

Do you have facebook/twitter/tumblr?
- I have all of them. Facebook I only share it with people I know personally... sorry. But you're welcome to follow my twitter (spongegirl_bela) and my tumblr (withlove-bela.tumblr.com)! ^^

Do you want to ask something? Just send a comment and I'll gladly answer here! ^^