About me!

* About me:
Hi. so... who am I? Damn. I never know what to say about me. *OMG I don't have an identity! haha. joking.
i am 70% japanese and the rest in western.
i'm christian and proud. *18.06.06*
17.10 is my birthday (even if you don't care)
i'm short about 4'10 ft. (147/8cm)
i speak 3 languages.
and i'm sorry if this font is small. but i like it.

*What do I like?
i like korean and japanese music.
i like korean and japanese dramas.
i freakin' like candies!
i looove sushi *nham nham*
i like to go to the cinema.
i'm addicted to nail polish.
i don't use make up
i like to take photos everywhere. *except school, i was caught once*
i looove tumblr
i like to blog here :)

*What do I really really love?
i love God and Jesus.
i love being asian
i love ma mommy and my dad and my sis
i love my starfish tiger bff
i love my friendz
i love to sing
i love to dance
i'm super happy when i play drums
i love playing the guitar *finally have my own guitar!*
i love the piano *not having lessons now*

*What do I hate?
i hate waking up early in the morning *which is almost everyday*
i hate dark places because i hate darkness
i hate bugs *but i don't scream girly when i see one*
i hate lies *of every kind, there is no little lie or big lie. they're all the same*
i hate fake people *so you barbies, get out!*
i hate people judging people *applies to myself*