Cause it's 2013

Hey guys! First of all... Happy 2013 (though i'm late), that this year becomes the most awesome you've ever had!
No, I'm not gonna make jokes about the end of the world, and that we survived, ok? ^^

This year I'm planning on a lot of stuff, specially cause next year I'm aiming to enter university... wow, time flies~! I remember when I started this blog I was around... 7th grade? Now I'm almost on college...
Lots of stuff happened between 7th grade and now, I met so many people and left a few.
Geez. I changed so much... I remember when I was still dreaming about being a professional singer/composer, when I actually believed music was going to make my life. Right now, I know that life is not made of dreams, but made of achievements. Of course, if the music thing becomes reality, it would be pretty awesome, after all it's still my ultimate dream. But honestly, things are getting real, to enter in a good university is not easy and my average is dropping like crazy these days, so I better work harder!
Right now I'm working on three projects which are going pretty well. I decided to start projects on my own, because with the time I realised that people actually can't start a project and go with it until the end.


see ya~! ^^

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