Song#1 - A Perfect Day by Standing eGG
It's a perfect song and really sweet ^^ Honestly, the MV is also so cute, it's like it was made on purpose for us to create gifs from it. It has sweet scenarios and stuff. I love it all. The song is cute, the girl has a sweet voice and mv is cute! There's nothing to not like here! ^^

Song#2 - Don't Hate Me by Epik High
omg, i love it love it love it. i don't know how they could come up with such a nice and catchy song~! eheehehe, and it's so cute, the kids are so cutely dressed ahaha definitely one of my favorites ^^

Song#3 - Maxstep by Younique Unit
Hm... I kind of liked the fact that sment gathered all the dancers (or at least a few of them) and made a song inspired on dancing and stuff, but yet, it's too much of dubstep on the middle and I can't really hear their voices as much as I would like to. But.. It's a cool song, and I'll listen to it more often ^^

Well... I guess this is all. (:

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