Song#1: Miss A - I don't need a man
At first I was dissapointed at the song... It was too simple. But, then I couldn't stop singing it! *o* So now I like it. Specially 'cause they use moustache on the MV and Jia and Fei look gorgeous~!

Song#2: Block B - Nillili Mambo
I LOOOVED IT FROM HEAD TO TOE! Even the 'next rever' part, it was kind of cute. The pirate, gangster concept was really cool. Though I didn't get Jaehyo's cowboy hat... What did he want with that thing? ahaha.

Song#3: SPICA - I'll be there
It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. Until now, I haven't seen a single song from them that surpass their debut song 'Russian Roulette'. But it's catchy. ^^

Song#4: DBSK - Catch Me
The song is not that great. If you search other songs from their album, you'll find some better songs. But, the dance is awesome, I think SM Ent. is putting lot of effort into the dances. Changmin's high notes will always be amazing~! ^^

Song#5: BAP - Stop It
Meep. It could be catchier. I think they need a break. Since their debut they didn't stop once! I want them to be off for a while and comeback with a awesome song like 'Warrior' and 'No Mercy'. ^^

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