'Cause the TV hides the truth.

Prepare yourself, 'cause I'm about to spill out everything. EVERYTHING!

These days I have been watching TV a little bit more. TV shows and movies, all kinds of stuff... Honestly, even though there are some pretty good movies and stuff, there's one thing that annoys me.

The 'nice boy' or the 'girl with good values' in the series are always the kind of fragile and sensitive person who somehow changes and decided to reveal their 'bad side'. LOL I mean, not that nice kids are always perfect or anything but.. Making people think that doing the right thing and stuff is boring and no one likes to do that, it's kind of a pre conceived idea (which is wrong). I understand, some people like to break rules and be rebels, but not everyone.
I am a girl with good values, that doesn't like to be a rebel and likes to follow rules. I am a girl who's afraid of what can happen if I break the rules and I am a girl who respects what I've always believed in.

Also, I watched a movie a few weeks ago, where the minister's son wanted to do hiphop but the minister was against it only 'cause rap was 'devil's music'. His dad was the minister of a baptist church.
The movie gave the idea that people in baptist church are totally against rap, hiphop and other types of music, making people believe that the only song that comes from God is gospel music. It gave the wrong idea that the baptist church is retrogressive, incoherent and way too strict. It gave the idea that ministes of baptist church are strict with their kids and make them think with a retrograde mind. Which is a big and chubby lie.
Not gonna lie here, I don't deny that there may be some churches that act like the movies say (i don't know), but that doesn't mean that all the churches are like that.

I am the minister's daughter. Yes, and I have no shame on that and I have no shame in my beliefs. Honestly, my father (and mommy) always taught me good values, raised me in the ways of God but he never obligated me to do anything that I didn't want to. He's actually ok with me doing music and composing and he supports me! He likes my original songs and he shares it all proud. x) (what can i do? i'm his little girl... anyway). He's ok with me listening to all kinds of music because he trusts me and he knows that I know how to filter the songs that I listen to.

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