I dream by 15&

I’ve always imagined the moment I'd step up on stage.
The warm sunlight, the lights that would shine on me as I grab the mic.

I have so many songs that I want to let people hear
I hope my heart touches you, I hope I can see you

Standing in front of you, right now seems like a dream
Singing this song that will make you smile

Oh I dream – are you listening to the song that will move you with my voice?
For you to never be trapped alone in the thick darkness,
I will forever sing for you

Now I’m starting this long journey to go into your heart
When I get lonely, when I feel like crying, I’ll hold your hand

Oh I dream – this song that will make you laugh with my voice
Oh I dream – this song that will fall like rain on your dry heart
Like rain that will drench your heart for a long time
So that the love in your heart will not wither
For you, who always protected me, who watched over me since the beginning
I’ll draw you out and draw you out with a dreaming heart
I’ll sing

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