because having work is not enough.

These days I've been writing my new original song. Though I have pretty much everything decided, there's still a part of the song that I can't figure out! (」゜ロ゜)」
People think that is so easy to write one small song... But for me it takes lots of thinking, inspiration and the essential... enough hours of sleep (which is not happening, by the way).
I had two days off from school (thursday and friday) and I was all happy thinking that I'd finally finish it... and BOOM, as always, the korean dramas got my attention away from any kinds of work. ALL KINDS OF WORK ALL KINDS OF WORK.
So, right now I'm pretty much full of things to study ahaha. But nothing that I can't handle.
This time my song is kind of sad. Because I saw a korean drama that had a story about a dude that lost his memory and he fell in love with the wrong girl and blah blah blah depression stuff blah blah blah happy ending, I got inspired by it, with the difference that there's no happy ending. ( Y ME NO HAPPY? ) xD
As soon as I finish it, I'll record it as fast as I can and upload it on my youtube channel, along with the other ones already uploaded. ^^ If you're willing to subscribe, I'll be more than happy ^^

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