Month Ending: January

Why is this year going so quickly, it looks like yesterday I was celebrating the New Year with my friends, and now it's already February!

~~~ January was my sister's birthday, she had a pijama party which was really cool and really short. I guess all of us were tired... At least I couldn't be awake until 6AM... We saw two movies: Like Minds and Ponyo.
~~~ Like Minds it's a mind-blowing movie, for real! It really puts your brain to work, even though it was 1AM and I was almost sleeping while watching it, I could understand a big part of it. It was creepy but I think it was worth it.
~~~ Ponyo is the Miyazaki's version of Little Mermaid, which is absolutely adorable ^-^ And because it was a movie made together with Walt Disney Pictures, it was pretty easy to understand, which I didn't like much, because the good thing about Miyazaki's movies is that he makes you fly to his dimension and think about what you've seen, while in Ponyo it's simple: you're a viewer of this children movie. But besides that it was a pretty amazing movie.

~~~ January was also Joka's and Ana's birthdays.. So the last saturday, I went to "Tokyo" with Joka and her friends to lunch and my sister went to the same restaurant but with Ana and her family.
~~~ It was kind of awkward because I thought that a employee at the restaurant was pretty rude to us. It was obvious that she was taking benefits from us, because we were young and that was simply arrogant. She even made up a story that if we left food, we would have to pay 2€ each. Since that makes no sense, because I'm not stupid, we went to complain about it to the other employee, to verify if it was true or false. It happens it was false. But everything ended quickly. =)

I think that's all for this Month Ending ^^

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