Hey there!! ^^ (Month of March and April)

 Hello everyone! I know I've been away... I've been really busy.
 As always I have tons of news to tell you guys! ^^
 First of all: Last month (March) I had a 'camp inside' in my church, and I must say that I had an awesome time, and if you don't know what 'camp-inside' means... Is pretty much three days and two nights where you sleep inside some place in a sleeping bag and you have there lots of activities including workshops, music, theatre and more. So, I found out I have a brother xD joking, of course. :b
 Then, we had Easter (Did all of you have a nice Easter? ^^) and we had a sketch to perform that day, which was really good. :)
 Now I'm back to school.. Sadly I have so many stuff to do from homeworks to exams and everything. Wish me luck because I wanna end this school year in a very good way. ^^/
 It's pretty much everything, I have more things to say, but I'll do it in another post x)

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