Cookie Cake Eight

So... yep. Awkward...
I've been away I know... Anyway, can I start to talk my soul out?
Did I say my grades yet? No?
They were good... History - 16; Portuguese - 16; Philosophy - 16; Spanish - 17; Geography - 17 and English - 18. (if you're wondering if I am showing off my grades I must answer: YES I AM =D)
Actually History should be 17, but my teacher doesn't give grades above 16 in the first trimester... And Geography it was supposed to be 18... but the teacher it's afraid of giving grades that don't correspond in the 2nd trimester.

Hanna and mister 'G' broke up... sad :*( C'mon people? What's the point of dating if you guys are going to break up? Shizus... I don't get you guys. -_-'' They had everything to go right. But no they went left. -_-
I'm cool, they weren't made for each other, I'm cool...
Anyway, what was I waiting for? They are people from this rude and evil world. They only knew each other for a 2 or 3 months, was I really waiting for them to last more than 3 months?? -_-

I feeeeel tired. Because everything takes a lot from me.

And that's all?
I guess I'll write more later.

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