Bela's here!
So, what's up? It's been ages since I last did a kpop update, right?
Well, here it is!

1# - MFBTY - Sweet Dream - Most random song ever but really original and they keep it cool, never thought I'd feel so good about a song again! The music video is equally crazy and the special effects are very funny... anyways. Overall it's a very nice song~! Me recommends~!

2# - B.A.P - One Shot - Finally they cameback with a strong and powerful song! I was waiting for something like this since 'No Mercy'!!! Now I'm happy! :b Sorry babies but I was not happy about the last two songs! +_+

3# - SNSD - I Got a Boy - yeah... the song was kind of weird at first... like, three different songs put together in one. But after a while, it's catchy and you just feel like dancing and do crazy moves and stuff. The mv was complete nonsense with a dude dating 9 girls at the same time! (:

4# - Secret - Talk That - OMG so perfect! I swear if 2NE1 and GLAM didn't exist, they'd be my all time favorite! Because their songs are gorgeousasdfghjkl~! I love them~! The song 'Talk That' it's a perfect song and I wish they could give more songs like this. I just didn't like the fact that there was no rap on the song. The compass is perfect for a simple rap like... whispering rap! Zinger would complete this song to the max!

5# - CN BLUE - I'm sorry - What can I say? They always give you those amazing songs with random English and nice shots of themselves on the streets! This time they were bad*ss boys who got together on the street of a foreign country! x)

So that's it~! :b

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