School Year 2012/2013

Last month, classes have started. Now I'm high school's junior.
The class is kind of different and some new people entered our class through out the month.
I'm already in the middle of the tests' first round, and the last two went terribly bad. I don't even want to know what marks I got. I'm so screwed.
I was so confident about Philosophy test, but the teacher gave out the correction without giving our marks... There are so many things that I did wrong and I had took for granted! TT_TT
Anyway, I want to forget about those bad things and concentrate on the next test that it's to come: History.

I kind of miss my elementary school class, we were so sweet ahaha. I remember the cute things I used to do with my old classmates. I miss those times. Speacially when I sat next to my best friend and we used to be so weird and retarded together... It would be good to go back in time.

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