Long time no see~!

Hey! I know I've been away for a long long time... I'm sorry! TT_TT
And since I'm on vacation, I should be here much more often.. but I haven't.

These days I've been more into tumblr and twitter (also youtube)
So you're welcome to follow me on tumblr and twitter! ^_~
I have 3 tumblrs:
My personal tumblr - http://soy-undoritcho.tumblr.com/
My main tumblr (where I can follow back) - http://withlove-bela.tumblr.com/
Kpop tumblr: http://le-koreanpop.tumblr.com/

My twitter is https://twitter.com/spongegirl_bela

I guess that's all for now...
Tomorrow I'll write all the news I own you~! Bye~!

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