Kpop update~!

Hey guys, it's been a long time. And I'm really sorry m(_ _)m
My life's been chaotic (if I can say that) and keeping so many projects going on with my studies has not been easy. Anyways, I never thought it would be easy, so yeah.
I'm going to write about what's going on with me in another post, in here, I'm only giving a small kpop update about the songs that came out recently (or almost recently). This only my personal opinion and my favorite songs, so don't be mad at me if it doesn't correpond to your opinion! preasu! :3
1# - B1A4 - What's Happening?
Honestly, at first I didn't really thought the song was good... I was expecting something different, but... It ended up being really good and catchy! I loved the chorus and even if the song has many different parts that at first don't seem to match, they ended up going very good together! It's a fun song and the music video is also pretty funny! I absolutely recommend it and you'll eventually be stuck with that song for days.. like me! x)
2# - CL - The Baddest Female
I was really looking forward for this song because I was waiting for a CL solo for a long long time! Since she made the duo with Minzy on 'Please Don't Go'. All 2ne1 songs are great, catchy, modern and original, so I had high expectations on this one. Unfortunatelly, I kind of was dissapointed after hearing it for the first time. It was pretty monotonous when it comes to melody and it made me remember GD's song 'One of a Kind' which made the song look not so original. Of course, after a while I needed desperatly to have the song on my music player, so I STILL NEED THAT SONG! It's a nice song, but not what I expected. CL, that's the problem of being so awesome, you have to keep up with people's expectation. Anyways, CL saranghaeyo and keep up the good work~!
3# - 4MINUTE - What's your name?
Same thing as SNSD 'I got a Boy', first it seemed like millions of songs put together in one like a mashup, but after a few times, I get used to and end up liking it! The song is funky, not something that I'd expect from 4MINUTE, but it was a great surprise! Go and listen to it~! You'll stay addicted! hehehe
4# - Lee Hyori - Bad Girls
I was never a huge fan of Lee Hyori, however, this song really won me over. It doesn't seem like 3 songs glued together in one, it actually has a consistent melody and has a story line, a plot! Which seems to be very hard to do these days~! It's a fun song, catchy song with a plot! Normally, many songs that have a plot, are a ballad, but this one is a pop-ish kpop song (wow, i'm out of words to describe songs ahaha).
5# - HISTORY - Dreamer
This is a rookie group that I absolutely loved! The concept of this music video was pretty cute, they looked like gentlemen trying to achieve their dreams in broadway and create their own love story. It was adorable. Anyway, the song was catchy and not a remix of 100s songs, they have great vocals and now how to work it~! x)
That's all for now~! Hope you like it! ^^

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