Christmas and New Year

Hi guys!
How are you doing?
This Christmas was so nice, and I felt it went so fast. I wish Christmas was 3 days so I could enjoy it more.
My presents in Christmas were basically clothes.. which is not very common for me to like when people give me clothes. But this years I really didn't mind it. I guess the presents thing start to not matter anymore, like when I was younger.
In church we did a sketch, it was really funny and I was with some huge heels walking around the stage, not quite a good idea, but hey, short people must do some sacrifices, right? Don't blame me. x)
We did, as well, a mute play and I was the drunk girl. As you can imagine, no one really took me serious, like, a little girl all cute and asian being drunk. No no... Something is not right. -_-
In the end we had our presents exchange, it was like secret friend. I gave a necklace to Joka and I received a sketchbook/notebook from Levi. *Now I have 3 different notebooks, so I'll keep this one for later*

For New Year, I don't know yet what I am going to do. I know that my friends want to hang out, but I don't know what more they wanna do. So I'll just wait for new ideas... :/

So I'll wish you here a SUPER LATE MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR OF 2012 ^^

See y'all :)

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